Pooch Pawsitive Puppy Preschool !

Our Puppy Preschool is a unique combination of socialization experiences and training.

Puppies are especially sensitive between 8 and 16 weeks of age…the Socialization Period. It is during this time that we can shape their impressions of things in our human world so that they are comfortable and unafraid when they get older.

Puppy Preschool is designed to help with:

  • Housetraining when you’re not home
  • Socialization to other puppies
  • Teaching appropriate nipping and biting
  • Preventing problem behavior in the future
  • Learning to be alone
  • Socialization to the stuff in our human world (wheelchairs, walkers, skateboards, strollers, thunder, fireworks, other sounds and just wierd stuff!)
  • Basic manners – all day long!
  • Getting your puppy TIRED!

Register for Puppy Preschool!

Your pup should have a minimum of one DHPP shot and a negative fecal test to attend Puppy Preschool.

First, we recommend that you and your pup attend one Puppy Social first before he spends the day at Preschool with us! This lets us see his personality and if he’ll be comfortable. We also want your pup to have been here with you once so he’s familiar with our place!

Second, we recommend that you take the Puppy Jumpstart class (either privately or in the group class) before bringing your pup to Puppy Preschool. Puppy Jumpstart covers housetraining and puppy nipping problems, which are skills that we reinforce at Preschool. We want to make sure that your pup is consistently learning good behavior and we all are on the same page.

Please provide the following at registration:

  • Preschool Questionnaire about your pups behavior and personality, your goals for your puppy, integration into your home and lifestyle etc.
  • Client information sheet (your contact info)
  • Vaccination records (at least one DHPP and proof of a negative fecal test.)

Please bring the following with your pup to Preschool:

  • Lunch, if you’re still feeding lunch, in a plastic marked container.
  • A mat or item of clothing with your scent on it (for the first day so he feels comfortable.)

(We have Kongs, dishes and mats/towels for pups to use in the crates at naptime.)

A Day at Puppy Preschool!

When your puppy comes to the Pooch Pawsitive Puppy Preschool, he can expect the following activities during the day:

Arrive at Preschool between 7:30 and 9 am
Supervised Puppy Playtime

Potty Break!
Naptime/Lunch or Kong Snack between 11 am and noon.
Potty Break!

Supervised Puppy Playtime

Potty Break!
Naptime/Kong between 2:00 and 3:00 pm.
Potty Break
Supervised Puppy Playtime!

Pick-up from Puppy Preschool between 4 and 5:30 pm (tired and happy!)

Lessons include:

  • Sharing (food bowls, water bowls, toys)
  • Nipping and biting appropriately (puppies and people)
  • Being handled (collar, feet, ears, mouth, tail etc.)
  • Hearing strange noises (thunder, fireworks, sirens, vacuums, bells, etc.)
  • Seeing strange things (wheelchairs, walkers, umbrellas, masks, sunglasses, skateboards, scooters, blowing tarps, etc.)
  • Basic manners (Sit for everything, Attention/Name, Come, No jumping up on staff, taking treats gently, Wait at the door, not barking etc.)

Common Question:

Q: My puppy hasn’t had all it’s shots yet…is it safe for my puppy to attend?

A: This is a great question! In consultation with several veterinarians on this topic, we’ve agreed that the risks of illness while they are in the vaccination cycle are generally minimal in this supervised environment, and the benefits of early socialization far outweigh the risks of a pup not being socialized early enough. Read this article from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior about this important topic.

At Pooch Pawsitive, we are committed to the physical, emotional and behaviorial health of your pup and do everything possible to keep conditions safe for all pups! Know that all pups are in the same situation as your pup… most pups have some immunity from their mother and have had at least one set of shots when they come home to you at 8 weeks of age. Assuming that you take your pup to the vet right away, they likely get another round of shots.

We require that your pup have at least one DHPP shot and a negative fecal test (which checks for Giardia) from your own veterinarian (not the breeder or rescue). If your dog tested positive for Giardia, then you must have started treatment at least one week before starting Preschool and give your dog a bath before coming to class. Most dogs are also dewormed, and these dewormers also treat Giardia (Drontal, Flagyl). If/when you opt for the Bordatella vaccine, you must wait 72 hours from vaccination to attend any of our programs, including preschool, classes or puppy socials.

The Socialization Period goes from 3 – 16 weeks and it’s imperative that your pup get socialized during this time! If we wait until a pup has had all it’s shots by 16 weeks, then we’ve missed this important Socialization Period.

It’s been well documented that the risk of a dog being surrendered to a shelter due to behavior problems is very high if they haven’t been well socialized and received some basic training while they are young. Let’s get your pup off to a great start!