Our goal at Pooch Pawsitive is to help your dogs be well mannered, social animals that can live peacefully with you in our human world!    We know that your dogs need more exercise.  We know that your dogs need to maintain their social skills.  We know that your dogs need to practice their manners! We know that you are busy. That’s why we are have opened a full Dog Daycare Center to meet you and your dog’s needs!

We have space for dogs of all ages and sizes and the ability to keep everyone matched with appropriate playmates!

We have a separate 6,000 square foot facility for our Puppy Preschool and Dog Daycare Center located at 10 Fairmount Ave., East Providence. We are located off of Waterman Ave. (near Providence Country Day, the Police Station and the RI Philharmonic School) about 1.2 miles from Rumford Pet Center in East Providence.

Puppy Preschool

We carefully supervise our young pups (between 10 and 16 weeks of age) and match them with appropriate playmates.  We practice manners all day long, encourage nice play and sharing! We do extra socialization to things in our world (wheelchairs, walkers, fireworks, vacuums, etc.)  Two naps each day ensure pups don’t get overtired and cranky!

Puppies must attend a Puppy Social first before being admitted into the Puppy Preschool.

Also, please complete the Puppy Preschool Application.

Puppy Preschool Application

Dog Daycare

We have taken Dog Daycare to a whole new level with high quality, structured dog daycare programs designed to keep your dog healthy, both emotionally and physically. We are not fans of “play all day” or “cage-free” daycare.  We think that dogs need a rest (or two) during the day, otherwise they become too stressed out and can get cranky! We think that dogs need to practice manners all the time (not just when the treat bag comes out and especially when they are distracted by other dogs!)  We think that dogs need to keep up on their social skills as they get older (and find appropriate playmates that are compatible.)  We think that dogs need to be positively exposed to new things to keep their socialization skills current.  We think that dogs need to be supervised by qualified staff with a background in dog behavior and training (so we can change the behavior you don’t like and redirect behavior into something more appropriate.)

Dogs over 6 months of age

If your pup has attended Puppy Preschool as a youngster, then they are welcome to stay in our Dog Daycare program as they get older.

If you dog has not attended Puppy Preschool in the past, and would like to join our Dog Daycare Center, then you are required to complete this Application form and provide proof of current vaccinations and a negative fecal test (done within the past 3 months).

Once you have completed this application, an evaluation will be scheduled at our Center.

If you have questions about the daycare center, please email us at daycare@poochpawsitive.com.

Dog Daycare Application Form
Dog Daycare Pricing