The Pooch Pawsitive Dog Center houses our Puppy Academy and our Dog Daycare Programs.

Starting small in 2013 inside Rumford Pet Center, our Puppy Preschool program moved to our current 6000 square foot location in East Providence in May 2017 where we now offer programs for dogs of all ages. In addition, our 1200′ of artificial turf in a fenced outdoor space is a convenient and safe area for play, training and potty breaks.

Originally installed in January 2019 to combat kennel cough, PetAirapy UV air disinfection equipment is installed throughout our building, and it also kills COVID 19! We clean and sanitize the rest of our center daily with veterinarian grade cleaners and disinfectants from Health Technology Products.

We pride ourselves on having a low dog to staff ratio, typically 8-10 dogs per staff member. We can arrange at least 7 play areas so that we can group dogs with appropriate playmates!

Pooch Pawsitive’s strength is that most of our staff have received formal education on dog training and behavior through the Academy for Dog Trainers, Animal Behavior College or Karen Pryor Academy. All of our staff has received additional training on dog behavior through the Dog Guru’s Knowing Dogs and FetchFind educational programs and through our library of books and videos.

Everything we do at our Dog Center is through the lens of a trainer, always ensuring that the dogs in our care are healthy physically, mentally and behaviorally.

Our TV commercial during Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Pooch Pawsitive Puppy Academy (for pups 8 – 24 weeks)

Since our founding in 2002, Pooch Pawsitive has always been focused on puppies and getting them off to a good start so that you can raise great, well-rounded dogs! But just like all good things, it does take some time and effort to achieve! That’s where Pooch Pawsitive comes in!

Early socialization and training is proven to set a dog up for success and have good manners in their adult life! Socializing and training young pups, in a safe controlled environment, gives them the confidence, knowledge and skills for living with us in the human world.

So in addition to your family attending Puppy Kindergarten classes with your pup, we offer a structured Puppy Academy program that comes up alongside you to help you consistently reinforce good manners and provide extra socialization to help your pup get off to a solid start! The Puppy Academy is available as a Half Day or Full Day option. We recommend attending at least 3 days a week so that we can have the most impact on their budding behavior.

In order to attend The Puppy Academy, please register your pup for a Puppy Social first. That is our way of evaluating if your pup is ready!

Dog Daycare Program (for dogs 24 weeks and up)

The Dog Daycare Program is for dogs over 24 weeks of age, whether or not they have attended the Puppy Academy. If your pup attended the Puppy Academy, then they are welcome to join us in our Dog Daycare program. If your pup has not attended the Puppy Academy or a Puppy Social, then an evaluation is required.

Similar to our Puppy Academy program, dogs are separated into playgroups based on age, playstyle, energy and size. Our educated staff reinforces good manners all day and provides extra socialization to fireworks and thunder as these things tend to become a problem if not continually practiced. The dogs also take naps in crates so they don’t get overtired and cranky!

Play and Train

You know that while your dog is with us at the Dog Center he’s getting rewarded for good manners all day and receiving continued socialization!  But sometimes you need extra help with a specific problem and we can help with that through our “Play and Train” program!

We offer extra one-on-one training with our trainers if you would like more help!  Skills that are good candidates for individualized training are:

  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Come
  • Stay
  • Crate Desensitization
  • Leave it/Drop it
  • Working with Distractions outside

The Play and Train program includes 30 minutes of private training each day, broken up into 15-minute increments with one of our trainers.  We’ll work on the skills that are important to you and give you a report card at the end of each week so that you know your dog’s progress!  You can schedule Play and Train sessions when your book your Daycare reservation.

Only dogs that are enrolled in our daycare program are eligible for the Play and Train program.  For more information, email us at