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Download a PDF version of the Pooch Pawsitive Class Schedule and Descriptions.

We encourage you to take classes at the same time each week, but realize that life happens and you might miss a lesson. No worries! Click here for the specific lesson schedule to see when each lesson is held so that you can plan ahead to attend the make up the lesson.

Open Enrollment is a new flexible way of teaching classes that gets you started faster, encourages attendance and takes into account that everyone is busy!

Here’s how it works: Once you’ve taken Orientation first, then you can jump into the lessons. Each lesson is an independent module and does not have to be taken in any order. If you take 6 lessons in a row, then you will have taken all the lessons. If you have to miss a week due to illness, vacation etc., then you can take the class you missed at any other time it shows up in the lesson schedule…You can take lessons on any day that it is offered. Please refer to the Lesson Schedule so that you can plan your attendance! We’ll explain this at Orientation too.