Welcome to Pooch Pawsitive!

We are here to provide a fun, safe place for you and your dog to learn, grow and play!

We want to help your dog become a social, happy, well-behaved family member that you are proud to call part of your family!

Puppies are very impressionable during their first 16 weeks and we want to help you get your puppy off to a fast start so that they can become social, well-adjusted and happy family members with good manners right away!

Our programs specific to puppies

We offer obedience classes for dogs of every age.  Classes are Open Enrollment so that you can start anytime!  We have additional classes including Intermediate Manners, Wag It Games, Canine Good Citizen etc.

Class Schedule

We offer a structured dog daycare program where we reinforce good manners all day, and encourage safe play and socialization.  We have curriculum for puppies as well as dogs over 6 months.