Welcome to Pooch Pawsitive!

If you have found our website, chances are you need some help with your puppy, adolescent dog or rescue.  If you’ve been searching the internet for advice and recommendations or getting advice from friends and family about how to handle your specific concern, perhaps you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused about all the different ways to tackle the issue!

Rest assured, we are here to help with proven, science-based training methods that are based on positive approaches that build the relationship between you and your dog and get the results that you want.

Since our founding in 2002, Pooch Pawsitive has always focused on preventing behavior problems from developing in the first place by teaching your pup how to behave in our human world!  Whether you have a new puppy, adolescent dog or rescue, we are here to help!

Puppies are very impressionable during their first 16 weeks and our programs help your pup get off to a fast start so that they can become social, well-adjusted and happy family members that your family and  friends will love!

Our programs specific to puppies under 16 weeks

Good manners are the foundation of a good relationship with your dog!  Group classes are Open Enrollment so that you can start at any time and have the flexibility to take Lessons in any order, on any day that they are offered. Classes are available for dogs of all ages. Puppy Kindergarten is for pups up to 16 weeks at the start of classes, and Basic Manners is for dogs over 16 weeks at the start.  Sign up for the Training Package and schedule Orientation and your lessons.  Private Lessons are also available.

Recommended by the Humane Society, ASPCA, American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and Association of Pet Dog Trainers, a modern positive reinforcement, reward-based training approach builds the relationship and bond between you and your dog while teaching your dog good behavior.

Our Dog Center houses the Puppy Academy program (for pups 8 – 16 weeks) and our Dog Daycare program (for dogs over 16 weeks of age.)  Available as half or full day options, our structured day includes consistently reinforcing good manners and encouraging safe socialization and play with dogs of similar age, size and playstyle.