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We will be taking reservations for our next boarding opportunity during February vacation (2/17 – 2/25) and April vacation (4/14 – 4/22)

Trust your pet’s safety and comfort to us while you are away for the holidays!  Our trained professionals will make sure your dog is well cared for during their stay!

We are formally educated in dog behavior, nationally certified, Pet CPR/First Aid certified and fully licensed and insured.

Call to reserve your boarding package now!  401-714-5652 or email

All of our Holiday Boarding services include the following:

Drop off/Pick up: 7:30 am—9 am; 4:00—5:30 pm.  Weekend by appointment.  Pick-up/Drop-off not available Holidays

Feeding: Please provide your dog’s food and instructions.

Overnight: Dogs will be crated overnight and monitored 24/7.

Registration form: Must be completed 7 days in advance and include proof of Rabies, DAPP, Bordatella vaccines and a negative fecal test within the past 6 months.


Standard Boarding includes 4 potty breaks per day, and a choice of an additional 15 minute walk or time in our playroom.

Dog Daycare can be added to the Standard Boarding package and includes play, training and socialization with our professional staff during daycare hours and 6 potty breaks per day. Dogs must pass the free evaluation FIRST before choosing this package.

Holiday and the day prior are an additional $10 per day.  No half days.

Additional Services:

  • Extra potty break ($10/10 minutes)
  • Training ($30/30 minutes)
  • Nail trim ($10)

Price list (click to download)

Registration form (click to download)

Medical Requirements:

You must be current on the following and bring proof from your veterinarian:

  1. DAPP (Distemper series)
  2. Rabies
  3. Negative Fecal test (within the past 3 months)
  4. Kennel Cough (Bordatella) – Please indicate which type of vaccine your dog has received.  Please see our guidelines for this vaccine.

The Bordatella vaccine is generally recommended if you plan to go to public dog parks, dog daycare or dog classes. Like the flu, there are new strains every year and it does not guarantee that your dog will not get kennel cough. Kennel cough is spread through air and surfaces. It tends to be more prevalent as the weather gets nicer and you and your dogs are outside more.

There are generally three types of Bordatella vaccines: intranasal, injection or oral. We have heard that the “Bordatella Modified Live Intranasal” vaccine is more effective, however, because it is a modified live virus vaccine, that means that the modified live virus can shed in the environment. For this reason, if you choose to receive the Bordatella modified live intranasal vaccine, you must wait 72 hours (3 days) before you attend a puppy class at Pooch Pawsitive. We don’t want the virus to shed in our classroom and have it spread to other pups.

The second and third types of Bordatella vaccine is a killed virus via injection or given orally. If you receive the Bordatella vaccine by injection, you could receive two injections spaced 2-3 weeks apart and should wait a week (after the first injection) to attend classes/daycare/boarding before that vaccine begins to offer protection. If you choose the Bordatella vaccine orally, it is usually given in one dose and is effective in 2 days.